Azusa Pacific University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers programs that equip students academically, practically, and spiritually to engage the world more broadly. Our degree offerings uphold a standard of excellence that combines faculty expertise with student scholarship for a vibrant and collaborative learning experience. Because CLAS students study life’s most significant questions, they are prepared academically and vocationally for life's next step. 

The college offers 21 undergraduate majors and 3 master’s degrees. Whether you’re seeking a degree in a STEM field, such as biotechnology or engineering, or want to explore the humanities programs, such as those in English or history, or want to focus on the social sciences, such as a degree in international relations or public relations, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an exceptional education designed to graduate difference makers who pursue excellence and live well. View a complete list of our degree programs.

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Jennifer E. Walsh, Ph.D. Jennifer E. Walsh, Ph.D. Dean and Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Donovan Young '18

    Written by Regina Ender

    June's Featured Student

    Donovan Young '18
    Sociology and Humanities

    Longing to combine his love for people and service, Donovan Young wanted to learn more about the problems others face in order to gain the tools needed to help them.

    With the ultimate goal of starting his own organization to aid the...

  • APU Alumnus Named Top Teacher with National Prize

    Among thousands of remarkable educators, Martinez is one of only four recognized with the prestigious 2017 New Teacher Project Fishman Prize. Martinez receives $25,000 and the opportunity to participate in a summer residency program.

  • Faculty Notes: Ryan T. Hartwig, Ph.D.

    Learn more about Hartwig's recent publication.

  • Faculty Notes: Joseph Bentz, Ph.D.

    Learn more about Bentz's recent presentation.

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