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Areas of Study

  • Church and Pastoral Ministries Practices
  • Intercultural Christian Ministries
  • Ministry in Urban and Social Service Contexts
  • Sports Ministry
  • Youth Outreach and Discipleship


WSCUC (formerly WASC)

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Youth Ministry Degree

APU’s Bachelor of Arts in Youth and Family Ministries program equips students to make a difference in the lives of young people. The degree provides a foundation in the academic study of the Bible, its history, and doctrines of the ancient and contemporary Church. Students working toward this youth ministry degree explore various forms of youth ministry, both inside and outside the Church. They learn about the impact of youth ministry on adolescents today through meaningful, hands-on experience serving young people and their families. Youth and family ministries majors also discover what it means to place-share with students in ministry.

Students learn about historical and contemporary practices in youth and family ministries, issues in diverse and nontraditional youth and family ministries formats, and how to study and teach from the Bible. Further coursework explores the impact of adolescent development on family ministry, Christian values and sexuality, the influence of culture, and connecting evangelism to youth culture. Students develop a personal philosophy of youth and family ministries based on their strengths and calling, which provides a foundation for a concentration in church and pastoral ministries practices, intercultural Christian ministries, ministry in urban and social service contexts, sports ministry, or youth outreach and discipleship. Youth and family ministries majors leave APU prepared with the tools and experience they need to lead successful youth and family ministries.

Is the Youth Ministry Degree Right for You?

  • Enjoy hanging out with adolescents.
  • Get energized by being around 11- to 18-year-olds.
  • Sense God’s call to serve Him inside or outside of the Church.
  • Desire to extend Kingdom through the lives of adolescents.

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Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.