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WSCUC (formerly WASC)


*Base Cost (cost per unit x program units) is provided to aid in program comparison only. Please note, some courses may require additional tuition, lab kit costs, and other fees.

All stated financial information is subject to change.

Nursing Prerequisites

The 16-unit Pre-Nursing Health Science Certificate at University College offers students the opportunity to complete science and lab courses that are required by most nursing and health-related degree programs. Integrating core science subjects with a Christian worldview, along with lab experience, this certificate will fulfill nursing prerequisites and help students on a path to various careers in the health care field.

Learn more about the career opportunities available with a Pre-Nursing Health Science Certificate and how it’s designed to advance your educational goals.

Program Highlights

  • Prepare for advanced studies in nursing and professional programs in health care
  • Complete lab experience and requirements without visiting a formal laboratory
  • Integrate a Christian worldview
  • Establish academic skills and habits needed to enter most nursing programs
  • Support career aspirations in a variety of roles in the health care field

Total Estimated Costs

Course Tuition LabPaq1 Books2 Other Total
BIO 225 (4) $1,600 $375 $205 $2,180
BIO 235 (4) $1,600 $323 $177 $2,100
BIO 245 (4) $1,600 $302 $177* $2,079**
CHEM 115 (4) $1,600 $105 $189 $1,894
& lens3
Total $6,400 $1,105 $748 $199 $8,452

* Same book as BIO 235
** Total includes book
1 You may not purchase your Lab Kit from any company other than HolScience. Prices include estimated shipping, and sales tax. Please visit for more information.
2 Book costs (including estimated sales tax) provided by the University Bookstore.
3 Microscope and lens cost provided by

Note: This information is current for the 2017 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information.