An Indescribable Experience

by Chelsea Weaver Spring '06
There are no words in the English language that can describe the amazing experience waiting for you at High Sierra. I’ll try nevertheless. Imagine chapel next to a boisterous waterfall, studying inside a canoe upon the glistening surface of the near-by Lake and going to Literature class on a sun-drenched open field. Imagine meeting 30+ strangers and three months later leaving with 30 of the closest friends you’ve ever known. Imagine walking the streets of San Francisco, shopping in Chinatown, and seeing firsthand masterpieces that have singularly changed the course of the art world—and better yet, being able to recognize the artist and time period of said pieces without being told first. The knowledge I learned was invaluable, the friends I’ve made irreplaceable. I’ve spent five full semesters on main campus—and they were all great and wonderful experiences. But the semester I spent at High Sierra was the semester that will always stand out in my mind when I think of my time here at Azusa Pacific University.