How to Find the Right Campus Tour for You

by Stephanie Thurrott

If you’re a high school student thinking about college, you know there are many factors to consider—academic programs, location, extracurricular opportunities, career preparation, and cost. Additionally, you probably want to get a sense that a school just feels “right.”

One of the most important things you can do to learn about a college is to take a campus tour, and Azusa Pacific University offers many options for varying availability and comfort levels. “A campus tour allows you to imagine yourself at APU,” said Cory Justus, director of enrollment marketing and communication for APU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. “You get to see the buildings, but you also meet the people who make up the community. People visitng APU often say they experience a warm welcome and a sense of belonging when they step on our campus.”

Campus tours can also help families feel confident about what a university can provide for its students and address specific concerns. Justus points out that parents and families often have a different perspective from their students. “They want to know: What does the campus look like? Is the campus safe? Where will my son or daughter live? What opportunities for internships and jobs will they have? These are all wonderful questions that are addressed on our campus tours,” he said.

Campus Tour Options

Each of APU’s tour options brings its own unique benefits, depending on whether you have the opportunity to visit in person, or you’re looking for ways to connect and get to know the campus from a distance. Choose from these four different tour options:

In-Person Campus Tour. On this tour, you and your family get to see APU’s East and West campuses firsthand. “In-person tours provide a personalized experience with a tour guide. You can ask questions, see things up close, and get your tour guide’s personal experience. Tours also provide a fantastic opportunity to take part in the APU community and witness how people on campus interact,” Justus said.

Drive-Thru Campus Tour. You and your family can drive through APU’s main campus on a guided tour led by a current student. On this tour, you’ll hear from an admissions representative, explore the school grounds, and have the opportunity to see the campus in person from your vehicle.

Live Virtual Campus Tour. APU students host live virtual tours, where you can find out what campus housing and dining is like, see inside a classroom, and learn about APU’s academics, community, and campus life. These tours provide the benefit of a virtual option, while still allowing you to interact with a current student and ask questions.

Virtual Campus Experience. With this interactive, 360-degree virtual tour, you can walk through APU’s main Azusa campus online and dive into more information on a range of topics and locations. The tour incorporates videos, articles, and photos of the campus. “It provides a great experience that helps students gain insight into the culture and community of APU,” Justus said.

Unique Benefits of Virtual Tours

While in-person tours give you and your family the experience of setting foot on campus, virtual tour options come with their own special benefits. “Virtual tours are a fantastic way to see the buildings and get an idea of what the campus is like,” Justus said. “These tours can also incorporate other experiences that you would not be able to have during a traditional in-person tour, like viewing student profiles and class demonstrations. A virtual tour also allows you to move at your own pace.”

These new virtual tours are great options for students who can’t visit campus easily, such as students with disabilities who may have trouble traveling, international students, and U.S.-based students who live far away.

Are you ready to see what APU has to offer? Schedule your in-person or live virtual visit today and discover the difference of an APU education.