Is a Financial Planning Career Right for You?

by Ashley Eneriz

The business world is rapidly changing, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of a company’s financial team—the organization’s heartbeat that keeps everything afloat. “The strength behind any company is its financial team,” agreed Sherryl Berg-Ridenour, Ph.D., director of business programs at Azusa Pacific University’s Inland Empire Regional Campus.

This is why the number of job opportunities in the financial planning career field is projected to grow 10 percent by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Virtually every area of business needs an apt financial manager, from nonprofit organizations and charities to tech start-ups and well-established financial firms.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on financial management from Azusa Pacific University can help you advance in your current position or prepare you for a lateral career move in finance. Here’s how.

Advancing Your Career in Finance

Americans with a bachelor’s degree earn $1,137 per week on average, much higher than those without it, personal finance website Smart Asset reported. While the pay increase is a huge bonus, the benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree go deeper than a bigger paycheck.

A finance degree can open up many new job opportunities in both your hometown and around the world. Additionally, job satisfaction in a financial planning career is also high, with an average of four out of five individuals feeling happy in their field, according to PayScale.

“A bachelor’s in finance and financial management will teach students how to make logical financial decisions for organizations or for families,” Berg-Ridenour said. She also shared that in this degree field, students learn how to chart, manage, and analyze the financial aspects of a company. Creativity plays a key role in this career path, as professionals must find unique solutions to budget gaps and financial issues while using the newest applications and technologies.

The Top Finance Career Fields

Azusa Pacific University’s Business Administration degree is a bachelor’s completion program for students designed for students looking to complete their degree. And choosing a focus on financial management can prepare you for a variety of roles. Here are three of the top finance careers graduates can enjoy upon receiving their diploma.

1. Financial Planners and Managers. Individuals in this financial planning career field help manage the capital that businesses have acquired (and invested) to prepare for future success. The BLS reported that median pay for a financial manager is $127,990 a year and has a 19 percent predicted job growth by 2026.

2. Analyst. Financial analysts help businesses and individuals make strategic investment decisions, as well as assessing and mediating financial risks. Financial analysts make an average of $85,660 per year and the field is set to grow 11 percent by 2026, according to the BLS.

3. Personal Financial Advisor. Students interested in personal finance can also pursue a career as a personal finance advisor. Berg-Ridenour explained that advisors work with people to manage their money, both for short and long-term goals. There is a large demand for these advisors, due to the number of baby boomers retiring and the number of individuals struggling with debt. The BLS reported that personal financial advisors make an average of $88,890 per year and the field is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.

Pursuing a Degree on Your Time

There is no denying that a finance degree can transform your career. If you are looking to complete your bachelor’s degree, but are wondering how to balance studies with your current job and family responsibilities—there are many ways to do so! The BBA program was designed for busy professionals like you.

You can earn your degree on your time, while also gaining real-world work experience and building your network. With courses offered at four convenient Southern California locations and online, you can customize your school experience to fit your schedule.