Adjusting to Campus as a Sophomore: How to Get Connected

by Tobin Perry

If you’re a college sophomore adjusting to campus, there are an array of new, in-person opportunities for you.Though you’ve experienced the rigors unique to a collegiate schedule while taking remote classes your freshman year, being on campus is brand new.

Alex Oh, MS, who serves as the director of Campus Life at APU, hopes students will embrace this time to get connected. Whether you’re living on campus or commuting, Oh says the school offers many opportunities to help.

“I know there might be some hesitancy for our sophomores to get involved after having been virtual, but I’d encourage students to put themselves out there,” Oh said. “It will certainly enhance their experience.”

Getting Connected after Returning to Campus

So how can you get connected on campus? APU provides a number of places you can go to plug into campus activities, including:

  • Office of Campus Life - Here you will find opportunities for connection and engagement through campus recreation (intramurals), campus involvement (clubs and orgs, campus events) and transitional programming efforts (first-year, second-year, and transfer).
  • Office of Commuter Life - If you live off-campus, you can find ways to enhance your college experience. This team provides support for all aspects of commuter life, from off-campus housing to transportation to get-to-know-you events throughout the year.
  • Office of Spiritual Life - APU is a place where students come to grow as disciples and scholars. This team offers you relational discipleship opportunities through small groups, mentoring, and pastoral care.
  • Office of Residence Life - If you're living on campus, the Office of Residence Life offers programs and encouragement to help you make the most of your residential experience at APU.
  • Student Government Association - Want to represent your peers on campus? Connect with SGA to run for office and make positive change at APU.

Staying Up-to-Date with New Opportunities

APU regularly adds new ways to get connected on campus. Here’s how Oh suggests staying up-to-date with these offerings:

  • Be curious. Oh says that while APU will help you get connected, students should take initiative in seeking out exciting opportunities. “I would just really encourage each returning student to be curious about campus,” Oh said. “Explore the campus, meet some new friends, learn about activities and resources. Certainly, we’ll help, but I’d encourage them to think about it as an opportunity to take the initiative, as well.”
  • Check your email. The Office of Campus Life will frequently send emails with information about ways to get involved on campus. Oh recommends checking your email frequently so you don’t miss these opportunities.
  • Look to student leaders. Identifying the student leaders in specific spheres can help because they’re an excellent resource for ways to engage on campus. “Not only do the faculty and staff care about you, but student who have been at APU prior to your arrival have a deep commitment to your well-being and to supporting you as you adjust to campus,” Oh said.

Want to know more about how to get involved on campus? Visit the Student Affairs website and begin making new campus connections.