Student Experience: Making a Difference with a Public Relations Degree

by Anna Cayot ’20

As an incoming freshman pursuing a public relations degree, Clarissa Green ’20 never imagined that she would find an internship so early in her college career. However, she refused to let her initial inexperience hold her back from seeking an internship in a field she is passionate about.

Green found a social media internship opening in APU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and was immediately interested. At first, she was hesitant to apply, but was met with overwhelming encouragement from her professor, Ismael Medel, Ph.D. Green took a chance and applied for the internship. After being accepted, she quickly fell in love with the work and knew she had found her place. “My world is transformed,” she said.

Green learned about the variety of opportunities for social engagement that occur on campus, and reflected on how she shared glimpses into the APU community with others. Through her internship, Green grew professionally, complementing her traditional classroom learning.

As a result of her time in the public relations program and her social media internship at APU, Green discovered her call to public relations and marketing for other businesses and organizations. “I want to be able to share their stories, create their brands, and build a higher reputation for them,” she said. Green is going into the world with a passion and a drive to make a change for the better. “I learned here at APU what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and it’s amazing,” she said.

Anna Cayot is an editorial intern in the Office of University Relations.