Todd Eckel, EdD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Higher Education

Phone: (626) 815-5485
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Todd Eckel, EdD, derives his teaching perspective from Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice Pedagogy. Critical pedagogy acknowledges that education is NOT a neutral process, but one that is laden with decisions made, based on the decision maker’s world view on behalf of those who may or may not share those views. It recognizes that biases and systems of oppression exist in society and are often perpetuated in educational systems. It forces people to make students aware of systemic bias through asking questions about who is being served and why. What does social justice pedagogy require of each individual? It emphasizes a need for action within a broader social context. It emphasizes the need to facilitate “agency” among students and those who are marginalized. It values the wholeness of a student. The goal of critical pedagogy and social justice pedagogy is to produce students who will become leaders in the fight against injustice and inequities in society.


  • EdD, Educational Leadership for Social Justice, Loyola Marymount University, 2013
  • MEd, Social Foundations of Education, Florida Atlantic University, 2006
  • BA, Social Science, Florida Atlantic University, 2003

Academic Area

  • School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences
    • Department of Higher Education

Courses Taught

  • CCSD 562 — Qualitative Research with Today's College Student