Pre-PT/OT Track Sequence

The pre-PT/OT track sequence will help to create a clear path toward graduate school and provide a strong foundation for your career. Upon entry into the track, your pre-PT/OT adviser will help you navigate this sequence. However, you may use this page as a guideline prior to entry into the track.

Freshman Year

At APU, the pre-PT/OT track begins during your freshman year as you establish a solid foundation in English and in the sciences (general biology, general chemistry, physics, and statistics). As you prepare to apply to the pre-PT/OT track, you should make it a priority in these core science courses to develop the work habits and the commitment to excellence that result in A grades, as they are requirements for PT/OT programs.

Sophomore Year

During sophomore year, you will continue to establish a solid foundation in the sciences (anatomy, physiology, psychology, and sociology). As you progress through these core sciences, continue to develop the work habits and the commitment to excellence that result in A grades. These courses are requirements for PT/OT programs.

You will typically apply to the pre-PT/OT track during your sophomore year, while taking BIOL 251 and/or CHEM 152, both of which are required for admission to the track. The Department of Biology and Chemistry admits students to the pre-PT/OT track who have shown a serious commitment to preparing for a career in physical or occupational therapy, and who are performing at a level that would make acceptance into a physical or occupational therapy program a realistic possibility.

Junior Year

If you are admitted to the pre-PT/OT track, you will progress through your college education with the fellowship and support of like-minded peers, and benefit from academic advising from members of the pre-PT/OT Committee. You will also be encouraged to participate in internships and medical missions experiences.

Senior Year

As a senior in this track, you will prepare for the process of interviewing at PT/OT schools by participating in mock interviews with the pre-PT/OT Committee. This experience culminates with the committee assisting you with the application process and submitting a committee letter on your behalf.

Preparing for the Mock Interview

The purpose of the mock interview is twofold:

  • To better prepare you for PT/OT school interviews.
  • To assist the committee in preparing a letter to enhance your application.

To ensure that these goals are met, you should:

  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty, MDs, DOs, research advisors, etc., in January of the application year.
  • Ensure that all letters of recommendation are sent to Ryan Somers, DPT, by April of the application year (prior to scheduling the mock interview).
  • Schedule mock interviews with Ryan Somers, DPT, before April of the application year. This can be done as early as November if interviews take place in January of the year the application is turned in.
  • Start drafting your personal statement in January of the application year.
  • Submit your personal statement to the committee before or at the time of the mock interview, if feedback is desired.

The top percentage of pre-PT/OT students, as identified by the committee, will be given an automatic interview into the APU DPT program.

Note: This information is current for the 2022-23 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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