Barbara Kindschi, MA ’06

Profession: English teacher, English Language Institute/China

Location: Thakhek, Laos

Worked in or travelled professionally to: Six cities in China, Myanmar

I had always wanted to work in another country and be able to serve abroad. I almost immediately fell in love with the combination of teaching and hospitality that the job provided.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

Language learning puts the student in quite a humbling position. No matter their position in their native language they are now limited in this new language. I’ve seen this humbling effect in my own language learning, as well as in my students—from hotel workers to college deans. This opens the door to many thought-provoking conversations.

What have your professional travel experiences been like after receiving your TESOL master’s?

In 2012, I was asked by my organization to work in a pilot English program in Myanmar. This led to five years in a variety of settings that I could never have imagined! These have included a hotel and hospitality school, an airline accounting department, a private language school for beauty contestants, and a primary school taught by monks. Each class of students brought its own needs and expectations.

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