Phone Use Policies

Outgoing Calls

Each department is charged for all outgoing phone calls on a monthly basis. Personal calls are to be kept to a minimum and are for local calls only. If a personal long distance call must be placed, you must have prior approval from your supervisor. Please keep in mind proper stewardship of university resources in regards to phone usage. All other special services provided by the customer service support staff for telecommunications will appear on a monthly budget printout provided to each department by the Business Office.

Caller ID and Collect Calls

In order to protect the university, all (900) and (976) numbers are blocked, as well as caller ID. This restriction cannot be removed. Additionally, we request that all departments, faculty, staff, and students do not accept collect calls. Any collect call accepted will be charged back to the department or dorm room along with a $9 processing fee.

Additions, Moves, and Changes

All requests for adds, moves, and changes to office phones require at least one week advanced notice. All requests need a dean or director-level approval and must be accompanied by an account number and proper line to be charged for material costs. Line item 5067 may NOT be used for purchases. It is only to be used for the monthly utility charges for your department.

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