Azusa Reads/Writes/Counts/Calculates

Azusa Reads/Writes/Counts

Azusa Pacific University, in partnership with the Azusa City Library and Azusa Unified School District, provides free one-on-one tutoring to kindergarten through fifth-grade students in reading, writing, and mathematics. APU students work as tutors to encourage and assist children in developing their reading, writing, and math skills.

Azusa Calculates

Azusa Calculates provides free one-on-one tutoring to eighth-grade algebra students from the Azusa Unified School District. APU students facilitate weekly tutoring sessions, assist with understanding math concepts, and support students as they complete homework and assessments.

Parent Reactions

“I am very satisfied with the progress my daughter has made in reading and writing. My daughter’s teacher called me and asked if she reads a lot at home, because she noted a big change in her reading ability. Now my daughter doesn’t leave her tutor without a book, and when she gets home, she goes into her room and reads! She doesn’t go to bed without reading. I am very happy with my daughter’s progress. Thank you, Azusa Reads, Azusa Writes, and Azusa Counts!”

Beatriz Herrera

“I feel the Azusa Calculates program is a definite benefit to my daughter. In this past year, she has improved her math scores at least one full grade! Her [Azusa Calculates] tutor is a great tutor and works wonders with the students.”

Dawn Campbell
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