Receiving Aid

How is my aid received?

Financial aid, with the exception of Federal Work Study, is paid (disbursed) directly into a student’s APU student account. A financial aid disbursement will occur once a completed financial aid application is submitted to APU, and once all financial aid requirements listed on a student’s To Do List are completed.

When do I receive my aid?

Students who proactively submit a completed financial aid application and who complete all To Do List requirements before the start of the semester will generally receive their financial aid disbursement beginning the week after Add/Drop. Exception: APU academic scholarships and APU participatory/other scholarships do not require a completed financial aid application or To Do List in order to disburse.

Funding from your financial aid disbursement will first pay for charges on your APU student account. If the amount of your financial aid disbursement exceeds the total amount of charges on your student account, you will receive a refund within two weeks of the date of your financial aid disbursement.

Why hasn’t my aid disbursed?

Receiving your financial aid in a timely manner is important. Below, you will common reasons that will prevent a financial aid disbursement from taking place.

Verification (

Each year, the federal and state government selects a percentage of financial aid applicants for a process that’s called ‘verification’. The law requires colleges to obtain information from the family that confirms the accuracy of the information that was reported on the FAFSA (e.g. tax information, household size information, etc.).

Beyond those applications selected for verification, the law requires colleges to also request further documentation when a FAFSA application and/or subsequent paperwork appears incomplete or inaccurate.

Students selected for this verification process will need to submit all requested documentation through New to Learn How to Create an Account on (PDF).

Accepting Aid (Loans)

APU uses ‘active confirmation’ before processing and disbursing federal loans. Put simply, we need you to specify how much of your federal loan you intend to borrow.

Students who intend to receive federal student loans must take action by accepting their loans at Parents intending to borrow a federal loan for their dependent student must submit an online Parent PLUS Loan application. For more information about receiving your federal loans, visit Apply for a Loan.

Reminder: If this is your first time taking a Direct Loan, you need to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note. Learn How to Complete Entrance Counseling and MPN (PDF).

Missing Signatures

Before your financial aid is processed and ready to disburse, you will need to provide all required signatures. Students must sign their completed financial aid applications. Students who are determined to be dependent students based on their financial aid application must also have a parent sign their completed financial aid application.

Additional Required Forms

The financial aid forms below may be required if:

  • You are requesting a faculty/staff award
  • You are a student receiving funding through the California Dream Act program
  • You are a student athlete who is submitting an Athletic Aid Appeal

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